*We are an equal-opportunity company always looking for the best talents,  for ambitious people who want to use and develop their capabilities to the peak. 

*There are currently open positions for staff, contract and freelancers.

*The freelancers can work remotely from their own location and agree on specific number of hours per week or month (starting from 5 hours per week).

*We are currently looking for candidates for the following positions:

  1.  Business Development Managers (many locations)  
  2.  Technical Safety Engineers (specialisations including process safety, firefighting design, fire and gas,  QRA, etc.)
  3.  Instrumentation & Control Engineers (design, engineering, requisitioning, supplier followup)
  4. Reliability Engineers (RAM analysis & maintenance program development)
  5. Facilitators for HAZOP, HAZID, Bowtie analaysis, LOPA, ENVID
  6. Process Engineers (design and simulation)
  7. Flow Assurance Engineers
  8. Subsea Controls Engineers
  9. Subsea Process Engineers
  10. Environmental Specialists

To apply for joining our team, please send us an email to with the CV/resume. Please state the position type (staff, contract or freelance) and title (one out of the blue titles above) in the email's subject field. 

In the email body, please mention a brief about your previous experience and the work you like to do most.

Thank you for your interest!

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